The Twisted Case of The Catfish Killer

6 min readJan 8, 2024
Image showing Ingrid Lyne’s killer arraigned in court

40 -year -old Ingrid Lyne was a beloved nurse with three beautiful children. After her divorce, Ingrid was ready for a new chapter for she and her three daughters settled in Renton, Washington.

In 2016, Ingrid met someone online through a dating app. The two connected instantaneously, and Ingrid began to feel a spark rise inside of her once more. On April 8th, after a month of talking, she agreed to meet the potential man of her dreams. She dropped her children off at her ex-husband’s house and said she’d see them the following day.

Ingrid and her date planned to go watch the Seattle Mariners game, and after, the pair headed to a bar. The evening went well, and the two played darts and drank together. But what Ingrid didn’t know was that that joyous evening would be her last.

The next day, Ingrid’s ex-husband, Phil, showed up at her home at around 10 a.m. to drop off the kids. He noticed that Ingrid’s car, which was a silver 2015 Toyota Highlander, wasn’t in the driveway. It was odd, as she should have been home by then.

Phil knocked on the door, but there was no answer and no sign anyone was even at home. He also tried calling Ingrid, but she didn’t pick up. He then called Ingrid’s mother, Yorga, to see if she had heard from Ingrid.
But Yorga had no idea where her daughter was. Yorga then headed to Ingrid’s house and let herself in with the spare key. When she went upstairs, she found Ingrid’s purse and cell phone, but still no sign of Ingrid.

Nothing made sense. If Ingrid had left, why wouldn’t she take such vital items? And why would she leave before her kids were due to come home? Panicking, Yorga called the police. They immediately began a door-to-door inquiry, asking neighbors if they’d seen anything suspicious the night before.

One neighbor reported that he’d seen Ingrid returning home late in the evening with a man, but hadn’t seen her leaving that day. Police made a public appeal for any information regarding Ingrid’s movements or whereabouts.
Yorga waited for any information, but when she received none, she took matters into her own hands. She remembered she could access the Verizon account she shared with her daughter. She checked the phone records and saw a number that was often contacted…




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