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The unsolved mystery of a night terror

The Phantom Barber
The Phantom Barber |

There were some creepy occurrences that took place in Pascagoula three years into World War Two in the summer of 1942. It was a bit of a lurker of the nights. But thankfully, there were no throats cut. …

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

the presidential dinner that scandalized america

Today's article involves one of the most famous presidents in US history, President Theodore Roosevelt. He was known for shaking things up and kind of making his own way. In 1901, he did something that wouldn’t seem too controversial to us today. Certainly not. He had someone over for dinner…

A stroke freed me and Leukemia caused my memory loss

Death | Grief | Loss  Blessing Akpan Medium
Photo by Fey Marin on Unsplash

Depending on your culture, you perceive death differently and react to it with feelings of sadness, anger, happiness, fear, surprise, hope, contentment, and peacefulness.

Everybody has experienced loss or will experience loss, it is inevitable. For me, it was during my teenage years. My dad had Acute ischemic stroke (AIS)…

The United States worried that pinball would lead to the downfall of the nation’s children and become a driving force for organized crime

Pinball | Blessing
Photo by Heather McKean on Unsplash

The origins of pinball come from a French table game called Bagatelle with the first-ever pinball machine being patented in 1871. However this machine was not like the ones we think of today with the little flippers. There’s a number of ways you can make a pinball game more elaborate…

We all need feedback to improve. So why is it so hard to hear criticism?

Criticism |  Blessing
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

When you say feedback makes you better, I believe in that more than I believe in just about anything on Earth. If you want to improve, you need really good feedback. …

How to recognize negative behavior

kids | parenting | Blessing Akpan Medium
Photo by Drifting Desk on Unsplash

If you’ve noticed some negative shifts in your kid's behavior. They've probably also started using some really hurtful mean words. And some of them increase hitting and tantrums. You have definitely entered the power struggle stage. They’ve started saying things like I don’t like you and you’re mean and you’re…

A variable hypothesis

Mpemba Effect | Blessing Akpan Medium
Photo by Dev Benjamin on Unsplash

This is a bit of a riddle. It turns out that if you have a glass of hot water and you have a glass of cold water, and you put them in a freezer, one of them freezes faster than the other. The hot water actually freezes more quickly. …

The story behind, ‘the best thing since sliced bread’

Photo by on Unsplash

People love food and wherever you go in the world, that’s one of the topics that you can easily talk to anyone about regardless of your cultural differences. …

How tomatoes went from feared to revered

Poisonous tomatoes | Love Apple | Blessing Akpan Medium
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

People might love a pasta sauce, but they may hate the actual tomato. Historically, this is an echo of, at least in the US, our huge, weird relationship with tomatoes. It’s crazy that people don’t talk about it more often. I mean, I don’t know if anybody else had this…

Image: BBC

If you lived in the early 20th century America, the leading cause of death in the country was not a heart attack, right? It wasn’t cardiac cardiovascular stuff. It wasn’t cancer. Instead, it was tuberculosis. …

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